Grafting tape

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Joining two distinctive plant parts together through grafting has been practiced by mankind since generations. As the time passed, techniques have also changed, the same goes with grafting tape as well. The grafting tape is one of the most crucial elements that contribute towards a successful grafting. Hasthip provides you a waterproof and self-adhesive graft tape. It is easy to use and is suitable on most types of plants.

Flexible and Suitable for Most Grafting Techniques

Self-Adhesive Fruit Tree Grafting Tape Plants Tools, 100M (18074310)

This grafting tape’s ability to stretch makes it compatible with most of the existing grafting methods. In addition, the tape’s gentle surface adequately distributes the essential pressure over the bound areas, thus helping the grafts kits to grow faster. Once the knitting is properly completed over the course of a few weeks, the graft tape automatically loosens and degenerate itself.


Self-Adhesive Fruit Tree Grafting Tape Plants Tools, 100M (18074310)

Hasthip’s grafting tape is stretchable in nature and is comparatively on par with the rubber budding tapes in terms of elasticity. This elasticity ensures a tight grip and holds the graft areas together firmly until the process is complete. Furthermore, its elastic properties help it to expand as the plant grows until a point where the plant is self-sustained and no longer required the tape. Similarly, this elasticity helps to cover up larger areas with a small piece of the tape.

Air Ventilation

Self-Adhesive Fruit Tree Grafting Tape Plants Tools, 100M (18074310)

Even though the tape ensures a secure and firm protection for the buds, it also allows proper air ventilation through the small microscopic holes in the tape. As a result, the buds get enough breathable air circulation and moisture to keep them alive until the grafting is completed.

Features at Quick Glance

Self-Adhesive Fruit Tree Grafting Tape Plants Tools, 100M (18074310)
  • Waterproof, flexible, scalable.
  • self-adhesive, gentle stretching.
  • Suitable for grafting fruit, flower and vegetable.